When you already have a Tens machine, it is important that you keep in mind that Tens unit pads don’t last forever. So, you will need to replace them at some point.

However, since there are so many Tens unit pads, you need to ensure that you are buying the right ones. So, it is important that you know the type of connection that there is between the machine and pads.

While most Tens machine pads come with a universal fitting, the truth is that this doesn’t occur for them all.

So, here are some of the factors that you need to pay attention to when you are looking to buy Tens unit pads and Tens electrodes:

#1: The Connection:

Before you buy Tens unit pads, you need to know the connection that is compatible with your machine. There are two types that are more common: the snap and the pigtail (or pin type).

– Snap Connectors: These usually have a diameter snap of 3.5mm.

– Pigtail: This connection is definitely the most common one and tends to fit most Tens devices. The pigtail pins usually have 2mm but they tend to accept any size between 1.8mm and 2mm.

#2: Shapes and Sizes:

The Tens unit pads also vary in terms of both shapes and sizes.

Here are the most common Tens unit pads shapes:

– Square: The most popular one usually has 2” X 2” and they are usually available in packs of four.

These pads tend to be perfect to distribute the current at multiple points. However, since they are small, they can also help target smaller areas.

– Round: Within this shape, we are including the oval and circular pads. These Tens unit pads tend to be used for flat areas or small joints. These include abdominals, knees, and elbows. Since these are the smallest pads on the market, they tend to be used to target a specific area.

– Butterfly: The Tens unit pads with a butterfly shape tend to be mainly used for the lower back. After all, they follow the contour of your back and they are big, which helps you place them.

– Strips or Long Rectangles: These pads tend to be mainly used for flat areas and big joints. Because of their length, you can wrap them around different areas such as triceps, biceps, abdominals, thighs, and calves.


Even though you are now more aware of the different aspects that you should consider when buying Tens unit pads, this task can still be a bit daunting. So, before you start your search for the best Tens unit pads and Tens unit pads, make sure to follow the next steps:

#1: Check the Fitting Type:

As you already know the connection type accepted by your machine may not be universal, So, you’ll need to know exactly what it is since it will save you a lot of time.

#2: Decide on The Shape and Size:

While we already showed you above the different shapes and sizes of the Tens unit pads, you need to determine which ones to address your needs.

#3: Determining How Often You Use Your Tens:

As you know, Tens unit pads and Tens electrodes won’t last forever. So, you need to ensure that you always have some available in case of some emergency.