Whole Body Vibration System V-1000


Product Description

  • Medium-intensity vibration training.
  • Backlit LCM console display shows clearly visible workout status.
  • Includes 4 user-friendly training programs with 1 manual mode.
  • Nonslip handlebar allows easy use and training from various angles.
  • Unique dual tensile straps offer user enhanced training for upper arms.
  • Wide vibrating platform with stabilizing and anti-seismic rubber.?
  • Design improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • High coefficient of spring tension provides the best effect of whole-body vibration training.
  • Specifications: Voltage: 120 volts AC/60 Hz and 230 volts AC/50 Hz; frequency: 20 Hz – 50 Hz; amplitude: 1.5 mm; force: 800 N.
  • Motor: DC, 1.0 HP.
  • Console display: backlit LCM (7 cm x 3 cm).
  • Training programs: total body, upper body, lower body and abdominal.
  • Exercise program: 1 manual mode; user can adjust time and frequency.
  • Workout display posture exercise program, exercise time, frequency, exercise group.?
  • Maximum load: 308 Ibs.
  • Dimensions: 36.7" x 29.5" x 56.1".
  • Standard accessories: straps, mat and poster.