1/8" Omega Max Splinting Material


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Product Description

  • Conformability, moderate RTS, and 100% memory combine for a versatile, user-friendly splinting material
  • Moderate to maximum resistance to stretch, allowing the splinter to fabricate any size splint without the material stretching on its own
  • Moderate to maximum drape without stretching out of shape
  • Provides excellent reproduction of detail as needed when splinting around small body areas
  • 100% memory, splints can be remolded as frequently as needed
  • Finished splints have moderate to maximum rigidity
  • Large lower extremity or body splints do not require reinforcement
  • Unique powder coating provides a tacky surface that holds the material in place
  • A wet bond will hold firmly but can be pulled apart when cool
  • Apply minimal solvent and dry heat to form a strong, permanent bond
  • Unique surface and memory work together to make fingerprints and other surface marks disappear while the material is warm
  • Heat cut edges and rub for a smooth finish
  • When cut while warm, it forms smooth, sealed edges
  • Unique working characteristics make it ideal for even the novice splinter to fabricate a broad variety of splints
  • Moderate to aggressive handling is tolerated
  • Splinting sensitive tissue or contracted spastic joints is possible
  • Allows approximately 3 minutes of molding time to set up
  • Four per pack
  • 18" x 24"